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How to Make Money on World of Warcraft

This is not a strategy on how to cheat, but tips on filling your money fund the way the game lets anyone else do it. One reason why my character personally is so broke is because my toons have stopped their money building days and I became basically a straight up raider.
For any of you that have raided before should know that if you die a lot, your repair bill racks up and it can be quite frustrating. Once you acquire epics, your repair bill is even higher. I can easily have a 20g – 30g repair.

Well here are a few tips to making money.

Pick Up Everything

Don’t skip out on all the gray and white items just because you have no use for them and know no one will buy them at the AH. Pick these items up and vendor them. You would be surprised that by doing that alone how you can make extra change. Some of the trash drops can be worth about 2g each.

Don’t Auction House What You Think Might Not Sell – Disenchant or Vendor

Face it, there are some armor and weapons that people just won’t buy. You could be dropping 2g or more every single time you put it back on the auction house. You could get that money back if the item actually sells, but if the item is not selling, you are losing that deposit money.

You can make more money just from simply vendoring it off right away. If you are an enchanter or have an enchanter friend, take some of your Bind on Equip items and have them disenchanted. Shards and dusts do not cost any money to put up on the auction house.

Don’t Buy Minor Upgrades

Well eventually if you aren’t having luck getting drops in instances, you might go off and buy some weapons and armor in the auction house. But try to avoid doing minor upgrades. If you are buying new armor every level, just to gain a couple points, you are wasting a lot of your earned money. Save it until you really have to. The best place to get new armor and weapons anyway is by doing instances, so avoid the auction house if at all possible.

Avoid Rezzing at the Graveyard

Unless you are in a really bad situation or you are extremely tired and just can’t stand the run back to your body, avoid rezzing at the graveyard. Doing so can cost a lot of money.

Pick the Right Profession

Enchanting, engineering, tailoring, blacksmithing, jewel crafting and alchemy are very expensive to level up. If you are not concerned with having these professions, but instead just want to make money, choose leatherworking, herbalism, or mining. Mining and herbalism probably makes more than leatherworking, but leatherworking is the easiest to level. I see the highest demand for herbs as many are extremely rare and needed to make potions, elixirs, and flasks; widely needed for the big raiders out there.

Enchanting can make a lot of money if you level it right, but it is really hard to do so. To level it with no cost to you, you could be spending hours in town shouting all the enchants you can do if someone brings the mats. If you have a large guild, this might be easier for you.

Once you can get enchanting up, being able to disenchant unused items can give you a lot more money than the next person who has to just vendor it.

What to Farm?

Motes and Primals

Some good places to farm would be Netherstorm for Primal Manas, Nagrand for Primal Water and Primal Fire, and Shadowmoon Valley for Motes of Fire. These are just a few of the many places to go.

Motes (which turn into primals with 10) are worth quite a bit. I have seen them go for as much as 30g each primal.

Fire mages have a hard time farming for Primal Fires since they drop off fire elementals.


Cloth sells fast. Cloth drops off humanoids in the game. One of my personal favorite areas to farm for cloth is in Nagrand in the caves with ogres. This is also a good way to build reputation with the Kurenai since you will acquire Ogre Beads while farming for cloth.

Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments

Both of these sell very well since they are reputation items for the Aldor and the Scryer. For these, the best place I found for Arcane Tomes is off the blood elves in Netherstorm. Demons in Shadowmoon Valley have a pretty good drop rate for the Fel Armaments.

Along with trying to get the Tomes and Armaments, a lot of cloth and random weapon drops come off both the demons and blood elves in both areas. They are great farming areas if you can find a nice patch of mobs to yourself.

One of these items can range from about 10 – 20g or more depending on the server.

Do Daily Quests

Now that you can work on your reputation for Nether Ray and the Netherdrake mount, there are daily quests opened up to you. Some of these quests can be completed in about 10 minutes and give you about 14g each. They will only allow you to do each quest once every day, but if you hop on, do your daily quests, and farm as well you will have a nice chunk of gold add up quick.

Save Your Quests for Level 70

A lot of people quest up until level 70. There are so many quests to do in Burning Crusade. But have you ever thought of leveling by doing instances, and saving the quests until you’re 70? If you do, the quest gold reward will be more than if you did it for experience.

Make a Bank Toon

These are good to hold all your extra items that you might not save. For example, maybe you won a Large Prismatic Shard. You are wanting a new enchant soon and will need that shard. Part of you makes you want to sell it for some gold, but at the same time, if you save it for when you get all your mats you will be saving money.

Having a bank toon is a good way to have a place to keep temptation from selling something you might really want later.

Also, if you are a big time spender and have a hard time staying away from Auction House shopping, having a bank toon could prevent you from spending. Make a new toon, run it to town, and have a set amount of money sent to your bank toon. I usually keep about 50g or so on my toons for repair bills or maybe a stack of potions if needed. Otherwise the remainder would get sent to a bank toon to avoid unnecessary spending.

With repair bills so high and flying epic mounts costing 5000g, keep in mind all the ways to make and save money.