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How to Make Serious Cash in Runescape (Members)

There are many ways to make money in Runescape. The Chinese money bots, most of the time use a method called the green dragon. The green dragon is going to the green dragons in the wild and collecting their bones, and hides. Other ways include the black scimitar. The black scimitar is a method in which you go to Camelot and in the castle there is a black scimitar. You pick up the scimitar, move worlds pick it up, and continue until you have full stock.
I made my 22mil by using the green dragon method. I had 22mil in only about 5 days. One full day was spent selling the merchandise. The bones are most expensive, about 5k each I believe. That means if you have 100 dragon bones, you can get 400k. and 100 hides =300-400k which is around 800k total for 100 dragons. When I did the black scimitar, I started finding more and more people doing it so it became nearly impossible to do my job. Chose a reliable choice that you can always use no matter how many people are also using it as well. Now the same thing can happen with the green dragon. I’ve seen numerous amounts of people use “cannons” to cheat and just pick up the bones and hides, which is annoying, but if you have the cannon, its very useful. You must have a high enough combat level to kill dragons, and you must have an anti-fire shield which is cheap or free. Another method I have used throughout my 5years is merchanting. DO NOT EVER join merch clans. The leaders are dirty rich because they chose what to buy and sell therefore they control all the money, they are taking over and ruining some people. If you are going to invest in something, investing in something people need like runes, ores, or potion vials. One time, I had 10 mil, and I bought about 500000 vials for 10 each, and when the price went up 1 gp i instantly made 500k when it went up 2 gp i made 1mil it was crazy profit. Invest in something you can buy numerous amounts of like vials or ore.