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OSRS Soul Wars Overview


Soul Wars is a minigame that was initially released onto the RuneScape platform in the year 2009. It played a role beyond expectation for the in-game players, and thus, it has now recently been added to OSRS so that both platforms can enjoy the fun experience that this minigame has to offer. Being a member-only minigame, only the players who have in-game membership can access the area. You can enter Soul Wars osrs through the portal that is located in Edgeville (southwest of the bank) or you can access it from the Ferox Enclave Dungeon.

Upon reaching the area, you’ll directly reach Nomad’s camp, where players can exchange their zeal points for various exciting and benefitting soul wars osrs rewards. You can talk to Nomad to learn about the area and how to play the minigame. The region is divided into two parts; the southern section allows PVP combat, while the northern section is a safe non-combat area.


In order to play the minigame, you’ll need a total level of 500 or above, a combat level of 40 or above, and an OSRS membership. Other than that, you’ll need to be logged in to a specific Soul Wars osrs world, such as 320, 328, 329, 331, 336, 350, 477, and 525.

How To Join?

Once you’ve gone through the instructions provided by Nomad, you can enter the game by stepping into either one of the barriers (left or right) where are indicated by the colors blue and red. Upon entering, you’ll reach the lobby where you have to wait for the match to being. Do keep in mind that you cannot switch sides if the other team is stronger, because it’ll unbalance the player count, and you’ll end up being left out.

The best way is to use the green portal because it automatically sorts out the player count and balances the teams accordingly. Once the match begins, you can identify your teammates through the special cape color that is provided to you.

Basic Knowledge

The initial starting point is your respective base’s graveyard, and do keep in mind that you cannot lose any of your outer graveyards to the enemies or you’ll have to respawn back here (further respawn point) once you face death. In every team base, you’ll find your respective avatars that need to be protected, along with a supply area that provides bandages, explosive potions, barricades, and other potions used for powerups.

Avatar: Avatar plays a vital role in the minigame, because if the opposite team have more avatar kills than your respective team, then they’ll be declared the winner of the match. Even though it is strong and can defend itself from the enemies; if the attackers raid in a bunch, they can easily defeat it. So, always defend your avatar no matter what, while pushing forward and kicking the enemies out of your base area.

Supply Area: As mentioned above, you can collect a number of useful things from the supply area; Bandages that helps in healing you, restoring your run energy, and curing any type of poison. Barricades to block the enemies from entering the base, and each team can only add ten barricades (new ones can’t be added until the existing ones are destroyed). Explosive Potions that help to instantly destroy enemy barricades (good item to use while rushing to the opposite team’s base). Finally, Power Potions can boost your combat abilities, as well as restore your prayer points.


The entire Soul Wars osrs gameplay centers around the avatar, but protecting it using defensive strategies will not help your team win the match. So, for that, you’ll need to know about how the Soul Obelisk and the Graveyards function.
Soul Obelisk: The obelisk is located right in the middle of the island. This area must be captured by your respective team to sacrifice Soul Fragments and weaken the enemy avatar. The fragments can be obtained by killing various creatures wandering around the island. If you feel that an enemy has been stacking up on fragments for a while now, you can choose to kill him or her to steal them.

Graveyards: There are two graveyards that can be captured on this island, and it can be done by having your respective teammates standing nearby it until the capturing phase completes. However, the count of your team members should be more than the opposing party. Graveyards act as respawn points when you die and having the closest respawn point can benefit you in numerous ways. You can also restore the strength of your avatar by burying bones within the graveyard area.

If your combat level is low, then a good recommendation would help your teammates kill creatures for bones, and keep burying them to restore the avatar’s strength. You can also help in collecting and sacrificing Soul Fragments at the obelisk. However, if your combat level is high, then work on Attacking and Defending the Soul Obelisk, Graveyards, or the Avatar. Go play some osrs soul wars now!

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