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Easy Gold Guide in World of Warcraft: Patch 4.0.1, Epic Gems

While we wait for the all the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Launch Event quests to come around and follow my last gold-making guide, opportunities for quick and big gold remain ripe for the taking. Last time I took you through limited-time BoE grinding and investing, but let’s take a simpler approach this time. Let’s go with the tried-and-tested grinding method. However, this isn’t the grinding that you’re likely used to.
The Alliance and the Horde each have Honor vendors that sell uncut Epic Gems. You’ve likely purchased your gems from these vendors before, but you can wave goodbye to them as it seems they are being completely removed in Cataclysm, replaced with generic Honor weapon merchants. Let us mourn their removal by taking complete economic advantage of their services in their final days.

Okay, but why? Well, as I said, these vendors are being removed from the game. These vendors were also the largest source of epic gems in the game, and without them Jewelcrafters will need to buy gems from elsewhere in order to level their profession in Cataclysm. They will be buying these gems from you and several others over the Auction House. As long as Jewelcrafters are cornered into buying gems to cut over the Auction House, you and other gem farmers can gouge prices, along with sensible undercutting of one copper to one silver, in order to keep prices high.

By farming Honor and hording gems between now and Cataclysm, you can hold on to all the gems and sell them one at a time (observing the fluctuations of the gem market between Auction House postings) after Cataclysm’s launch for high gold. You can expect to sell each one for as low as 200 gold or as high as 400 gold (or perhaps even higher in some cases) to Jewelcrafters trying to rapidly level their profession in the early days of Cataclysm before the new Cataclysm gems flood the market.

It is possible to farm up to four or more gems every day if you focus, and you have over a month until Cataclysm launches. This is plenty of time to stock up on loads of gems. As to which ones would be most profitable, I am predicting that Cardinal Rubies (the red gems) and Majestic Zircons (the blue gems) will be some of the most sought-after gems in Cataclysm since Rubies can be cut into Agility and Intellect and Zircons can be cut into Hit Rating, which will be in extremely high demand given the new Hit Cap system.

This is a method that will take much patience but will return enormous amounts of gold in a relatively short amount of time. The key is to keep your eyes on the prize and not get greedy-yes, you want gold now. But you’ll get much, much less gold selling now than you will in two months. Stay focused, watch your server’s economy, sell in Cataclysm early, and you’ll be swimming in World of Warcraft gold.