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To maintain system performance, it is recommended that the gas precharge pressure in your accumulators be checked regularly. A loss in the gas precharge pressure will cause a drop in the system efficiency and could cause damage to the accumulator bladder, diaphragm, or piston.

These charging and gauging units allow hydro-pneumatic accumulators to be charged with dry nitrogen. For this purpose, a charging and gauging unit is connected to a commercially available nitrogen bottle via a flexible charging hose (8 feet/2.44m).

These units allow maintenance personnel to check the current gas precharge pressure of an accumulator and also incorporate a gauge and check valve in the charging connection, and a manual bleed valve with a T-handle. Operating and installation instructions are included with each charging kit.

The FPK250 kit also has Adapters for different connections.

Warning: To avoid injury use a Pressure Regulator on your nitrogen bottle when charging an accumulator with a charging kit.…



HYDAC accumulator charge kit adapters. For use with the FPK charging and gauging unit or and charging kit with an M28x1.5 connection. The adapters let you go from an M28x1.5 connection to multiple connections found on a variety of accumulators.



The Model GP 8700 is a single-stage, high-pressure regulator that is designed to operate on high-pressure cylinders up to 7500 PSIG.


0-1500, 2500, and 3000 PSIG delivery pressures available One-piece encapsulated valve design with PCTFE seats and an internal filter Ergonomic knob for improved grip 1/4” NPT outlet with stainless steel 1/4” tube fitting 2 1/2” dual scale gauges (psi/bar) Conforms to CGA E-4 standard for gas pressure regulators Made in the USA

*Models with the following CGA inlet connections are self-venting – 580, 677…